275 gm ROSE QUARTZ Energy Stone Polished Tumbled #ER04

275 gm ROSE QUARTZ Energy Stone Polished Tumbled #ER04

  • $70.00

Super Gems are rich with deep color, translucency, character and sparkle. And this special, hand made,Huge size Energy Stone will fulfill your every dream of Rose Quartz Pink Beauty! Yes, I'm in loooove....with the color, the rainbows, the sparkle and most of all, that loving feeling.

You are buying the Huge Collector Quality, Rose Quartz Energy Stone Crystal that is pictured. It is made from the highest quality Rose Quartz! Energy stones are large heavy free form specimens that can be used for therapy, massage, meditation, decor, Feng Shui, Reiki or other crystal healing applications. This is an exceptional grade of gemmy deep pink Rose Quartz with a sweet and loving energy! 

Weight: 275 gm (9.7 oz)
Size: 2.8" length x 2.3" width x 1.5" depth

It is a soft pastel "pink" and has been tumbled and polished to a smooth and shiny finish, and though large still fits nicely in the hand. It is also a perfect size and shape for making crystal healing grids or using as a small specimen. It is just beautiful and a great bargain for the price!

In my healing practice, I use Rose Quartz every day to generate positive energy, as primary healing stone and as a complementary stone with other crystals. One simply cannot overuse Rose Quartz. I consider it one of the Essential Eleven stones that everyone MUST have. 

I recommend that Rose Quartz be placed in literally everyone's bedroom area so it can work gently on the psyche during sleep to bring in the essence of true love. Without exception, use it to increase positive, healing energy and the power of spiritual love. Rose Quartz is my favorite metaphysical tool to summon True Love, Romance and Partnership.