1 Shamanic QUARTZ CRYSTAL Tumbled Stone Garden Chlorite Hematoid Phantom #SQ01

1 Shamanic QUARTZ CRYSTAL Tumbled Stone Garden Chlorite Hematoid Phantom #SQ01

  • $9.00

Something very special is here for you Metaphysicans, Psychics and Spiritual Pilgrims...you know who you are. We discovered a small treasure trove of Shamanic Quartz at the Tucson Gem Show and grabbed it right away! This is a type of Clear Quartz that has inclusions of many different types like Chlorite, Tourmaline, Rutile, Phantoms, Rainbows, Oxides, Epidote Needles and the like. These are like "mystery stones" and each is unique and amazing! I will intuitively pick one out for you, but if you would like to give me guidance, please do so in a convo with your order.

I fell in love immediately with these special gems. Each one looks like a work of art and remind me of crystallized ice. Some people have called these Garden Quartz because the inclusions look like plants, flowers or trees. I see Nature Spirits doing their magic in stone and just revel in their beauty. Just hold it up to the light and start scrying...you will be inspired and certainly take a journey.

You are buying ONE (1) Collector Quality, Shamanic Quartz Crystal Tumbled Stone that is from the lot of stones pictured. It is very difficult to capture their beauty in a photo, so please trust me when I say that each is a world unto itself. They are so beautiful and gemmy that they are ideal for crafting and jewelry making, or using in medicine bags and grids. 

Size: Approximately 1.0" at widest point x .30" thick
Shape: Gently rounded, flatter stones, polished smooth
Colors: Green, Red, Clear, Tan, Black, Grey Cloud like phantoms

Quartz is famous as a cleansing and amplifying crystal so it will be a wonderful addition to any space, altar, medicine bag or healing environment. And for the crafty, it will certainly make something beautiful and amazing. It is known as the "Master Healer" because it can be programmed to address any healing or transformation issue. Shamanic stones are ideal for scrying and meditation because they contain "other worlds."