Set of 3 Rough Quartz Points 2.5 inch (Citrine, Quartz, Amethyst) + Bag #RS01

  • $52.00

Beautiful hand matched Set of 3 Rough Point Healing Crystals, all packed up in their own beautiful, hand woven fabric bag from Peru. This is a keepsake set that is a basic essential for any Collector or Metaphysical Healer.

You are buying Crystals from the same lot of the crystals that are pictured, They are all from the same lot. All 3 are considered Essentials in healing and building crystal grids. This set includes:

-- Citrine Rough Point , Approx: 2.4" 

In my healing practice, I use Citrine as one of the Essential Eleven stones on a daily basis, primarily for abundance (of anything including money), success and overall positive energy. It is one of the premier stones when one must energize, heal and recharge on any level. Emotionally and physically it has an immediate and powerful effect to uplift and bring light into the aura. It is frequently used in Feng Shui (wealth corner), in the meditation space (on altar) and at place of business (in safe, cash register or cash box). It never needs cleansing and can operate entirely by itself without any other crystal to complement it.

-- Clear Quartz Rough Point Approx: 2.4" 

In my healing practice, I use Clear Quartz as a powerful, overall healing crystal. It is well known to energize and amplify intentions and blessings of every kind. It attunes to pure spiritual purpose. Clear quartz is the ultimate "programmable" crystal and should be carefully intentioned from the beginning. You can combine it with any other crystal and it is a tried and true "cleanser" for all other crystals as well. Primarily I use Clear Quartz in conjunction with other crystals to clarify and enhance their healing powers.

-- Amethyst Rough Point Approx: 2.4"

In my healing practice, I use Amethyst every day. It is one of the Essential Eleven stones for any healing collection. It is a natural tranquilizer for cooling down the mind and emotions and alleviating a multitude of physical, mental and emotional imbalances. Overall it is a healer beyond measure for practically everything (except lethargy and all symptoms relating to a lack of energy). This is because it tends to balance rather than uplift or energize. Amethyst is particularly well known to treat addictions on all levels and it provides a protective shield around the aura against psychic attack or negativity. It can even be used to help a dying person make a peaceful transition. 

-- 5" x 3.5" Handwoven Cotton lined, drawstring bag from Peru. This is a very sturdy bag to hold your crystals and beautifully handmade. A collector item all by itself. *Varying patterns of Black, Red and orange.